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PLEASE NOTE: All Girl + Goals digital products have downloadable resources. As such, all sales are final. There are no cancellations or refunds. Please contact with any additional questions. 

Frequently asked questions

Where do I start?

Congrats on taking the first step, sis!!! There is also a FREE t-shirt training on our "FREEBIES" page if you are looking to start your t-shirt business! IChoose your course(s) based on your needs right now. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you so that you know where to begin! If you are an existing business owner who is ready to grow and expand - schedule a call with a Girl + Goals mentor to level up in your purpose and business and/or let us help you get your printing project started today!

Can I do 1 on 1 coaching?

Yes! We have trained Girl + Goals mentors available to assist you with websites, designs, mindset, purpose, and more! Please go to the "book online" button in the menu to book a coaching session. If you are interested in becoming a mentor/coach please email with your resume + information!

Do I need the t-shirt masterclass and the t-shirt academy? What's the difference?

The Shut Up and Start Your T-shirt Business Masterclass is a self guided t-shirt bootcamp taught by Krystal Lee. Power packed with video trainings, homework, and information. This masterclass is for beginners starting their t-shirt business. There is a payment plan available for this course. If you cancel before your second payment is collected, you will lose access to all Girl + Goals products and services. If you are a self-starter and self-motivated - go with the masterclass! As of 12/2020 - the Girl + Goals T-Shirt Academy is only available to members who have completed the t-shirt masterclass. Please contact

Is there a commitment for the digital courses or t-shirt academy?

No commitments! You can cancel the academy at anytime. The digital courses have lifetime access which means you will have access to all updates and additions in the future. If you cancel a payment plan before the final payment is completed you will lose all access to Girl + Goals products. PLEASE NOTE: All Girl + Goals digital products have downloadable resources. As such, all sales are final. There are no cancellations or refunds. Please contact with any additional questions.

How do I cancel the Girl + Goals t-shirt academy membership?

Please email for assistance with cancelling your membership. Please note, we are not responsible for memberships that have not been cancelled before the payment date.

What is the Girl + Goals Directory?

The Girl + Goals directory is where you get VIP access to trusted business owners and resources to help you start your business today! There are business and professional vendor lists to help you cut out the extensive research and get straight to work. We do the work so that you don't have to ;)

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